about me

I'm trying to do a short CV, mixing personal and professional interests:

1987 I came to vienna to attend university, but dropped out quite soon and started working in the IT business.

some time along the way, I got my first modem, 2400bps, and started to use BBSes and to get a usenet feed from germany via UUCP. I also became sysop of the BBS "LINK-ATU", which participated in Z-Netz, CL andAPC.

1992 I became a father.

1993 at the UN world conference on human rights in vienna, APC provided a pool of computers for NGOs; to prepare for the conference, I got my first linux machine onto the Internet.

1994 a few other crazy people and me said "sure, we can start an ISP!", and founded PING; worked a lot, learned even more, and even made some money.

1997 joined Xsoft as the security guy, working at penetration testing, security consulting and building security systems.

1999 co-founder of the association for austrian Internet users, a non-profit called VIBE!AT.

then I got to know the q/uintessenz bunch, another non-profit dedicated to the re-establishment of civil rights in the information age; in 2002, I became member of the board.

2001 Xsoft was bought by debis was bought by t-systems. we (that is a few co-workers and me) got fed up with working for a Very Big Company and founded CoreTEC, a company focussing on all aspects of Information Security.

2001 the domain advisory board was established to represent the different stakeholders with the .at CCTLD registry nic.at; I became a member representing Internet users (via VIBE!AT).

2002 started working for the CIRCA project, Computer Incident Response Coordination Austria, maintaining the technical infrastructure and being a member of the steering comittee.

2005 got myself a motorcycle again, a kawa ZRX1100R; since then, every free minute is spent riding it.

oh, and my PGP-key