that is, some of the code I've written. nothing big, maybe it's helpful anyways. for hardware, have a look at electronics.

Some notes on building an immutable OS on commodity hardware

Building an OS base for a digital signage project -- there be dragons

Getting started with ESP32 and Rust

A trivial, but not so well documented step after the blink thingy: get WiFi running.

Convert an Olympus CH-2/CHT microscope to LED

Bring this 1980s beauty to the 2020s.

Reset the Supervisor Password in a Thinkpad R61's BIOS

Got an R61 that had an unknown password, spent a night getting around it. Nothing new, but enough info collected from various sources to warrant a short writeup.

Pinout for a "Zippy Emacs SCB1-2350P" power supply

Reverse-engineered those pinouts.

clustering virtual machines, the simple way


abusing the Debian installer for fun and profit

how to install Debian stable with a newer kernel.

building a monocopter

a monocopter is a single helicopter blade flying...

webcam on android, the unix way

reuse our old android phone as a webcam.

enhanced image rendering plugin for ikiwiki

img is an ikiwiki plugin that allows better image handling.

googlemaps plugin for ikiwiki

googlemaps is a plugin that allows using the Google Maps API from ikiwiki.

meta-greylist, a greylisting daemon for postfix

a new approach to greylisting, has its own page., to fix bad flycamone AVI files

A little script to improve A/V sync and provide a constant frame rate in flycamone AVI files.

more stuff to follow

other stuff needs to be moved to this page, meanwhile look at the old page.