img is an enhanced image handling plugin for ikiwiki.

the intention is to make image handling as easy as possible, so the plugin can scale down images for direct inclusion into the page, providing a link to one or more larger or full-size versions on their own page. width and height attributes are included in the <img> tag, and alt text can be specified.

the plugin uses the ImageMagick tools via PerlMagick.


[[img image1.jpg inline="400x300" more="800x600 1024x768 full" alt="fighting rabbits"]]


[[img defaults inline="300x400" more="800x600 full"]]

[[img image1.jpg alt="fighting rabbits"]]
[[img image2.jpg alt="cloud" ]]


  • the fullsize file will always be copied, so you can't hide it from people who guess its name.

  • if you use a given resolution and later remove if from the \[[img ]] tag, the respective files (image and HTML) will not be removed.

  • due to the way the "more" pages are generated, you'll need to run ikiwiki twice to get it all built.

download and the associated template imgpage.tmpl


googlemaps is copyright by christian mock and licensed under the GPL.


this is the second example from "usage" above:

fighting rabbits cloud