Pinout for the "Zippy Emacs SCB1-2350P (Rev 1.0)" power supply

I got ahold of a handful of these compact 350W power supplies from an old blade system and couldn't find no real data on them.

They provide, as printed on the label, 5V standby @2A and 12V @29A, 350W in total. And they're not vi or even god forbid vim power supplies, but Emacs!

Looking at the PCB edge connector, with that being at the bottom of the case, the pinouts are:

Top:     LL NN || 1 2 N 4 GND +12V
Bottom:  LL NN || 1 5 6 7 GND +12V
  • L, N: 230V input
  • 1: 5V Standby
  • 6: /PS_ON

So, pull down pin 6 to GND and the thing gets noisy and the 12V line springs to life. Works like an ATX supply, which means pin 6 can be wired to PS_ON on a RAMPS board in case you want to power a 3D printer with it.

Also, while the fan has a tach signal, the board doesn't seem to use that; I've replaced the original 40mm fan with an 80mm one (in a 3D printed shroud) that had just 12V and GND and the power supply didn't care.

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