Built a new wing with the same dimensions, and modified the motor mount; that brings the weight down to 164g and makes it v1.2.

Changed propeller to 5x3 (from a 4x3).

However, there's about 40 km/h of wind this weekend, and that interferes heavily with my tests. I couldn't get it to lift, but it was rotating stably even with the wind at about 4 Hz.

Today, I managed to shoot a picture before trying to destroy the copter:


Prop thrust

Then I built a not-too-exact rig to measure thrust; the 6x3 prop gives about 150g, and then it touched something and broke.

The 5x4.5 and 5x3 both give about 120g. The timing setting on the ESC doesn't seem to make a difference.

No current or power measurements, the replacement wattmeter still hasn't arrived.

Gyroscopic precession

McCutchen says that stability is partially achieved by gyroscopic precession of the prop; his models turn clockwise (when viewed from the top), so precession provides more AoI in the blade; mine turns CCW...